Is this how we go through our lives in a week?

When I was still a small kid, or when I was younger, I could not understand why life as a working adult is so tough. I mean, yeah, back then anything would be better than exams and stuff like that, and asking myself why the term ‘Monday Blues’ appeared and terms like ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ existed (heck, it’s even a restaurant/bar chain now…).


Now that we’re all older, and had tasted the bittersweet life of a working adult in one way or another, I think we can all relate to these two images below:


For blogging purposes(2)

Typical day-to-day in a week for a working adult?


For blogging purposes(3)
The different ‘facades’ that working adults wear for the separate days in a week?

So, how about yours?


5 Responses to “Is this how we go through our lives in a week?”

  1. ahahaha I especially like the faces one. Though my face goes through that kind of transformation on a daily basis. Its like when I wake up, my face is super long and super black haha. Then as my “engine” warms up it gets better. And around midnight la is when I’m the happiest LOL

  2. Haha yeah dude I guess I do through the same face masks in a day as well, just like your timeframe as well. But I guess it’s true for government school teachers… I can still remember those teachers with their ‘Monday Blues’ face, then their ‘Happy Friday’ faces… heck, I think I had the same faces as them as well while I’m in secondary school!

  3. The_YongGrand Says:

    Well, life’s like that. First, we complained about the primary school. Then secondary school. Then lastly, the university. Uni life will be quite hectic compared to the primary and secondary.

    At least in primary and secondary schools you don’t have the CGPA. If they are stacking up the marks until Form 5, you will better make no room for mistakes.

    Damn, it’s my circuit analysis homework again, gotta do lotsa revision, another heck of a beautiful test is coming soon…

  4. Hey YongGrand! Nice to have you in this space! Anyways, do you blog?

    Yeah I guess life is like that, but seriously, CGPA system sucks. Wonder why we have to follow this system, sigh…

    Yep, better work on your homework thingamajig. Haha, alright man, shall hear from you soon…

  5. The_YongGrand Says:

    What’s a blog anyway? Ah… I don’t do blogging. I’m a self-confessed computer and electronics freak. The semester-based systems are sometimes effective – Western elementary/high schools are doing semesters (piece by piece per sem) instead of having to take ALL 9 papers at a go like in SPM, where you have only 2 years to prepare. Even worse is STPM, well, please don’t mention STPM anymore, because I sucked pretty badly there. Y’see, when sh!t happens, it knows no boundaries. But fortunately, sh!t happens, and it isn’t really sh!t. It could be a blessing too. Sorry if these statements really offend people, but in real life, crap always happen. :haha:

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