The Joy, The Pain and The Things Stucked Between It

Clear blue sky.. for blogging purposes...
Clear blue sky… or is it fragments of broken clouds?

There’s just too many things in my small and pathetic brain of mine these days. From the smallest things to some pretty major things in my life. But I really don’t know how to express it in words, nor do I know how to express it in any way. Have you ever felt this same feelings that I’m feeling right now? That burdened and troubled heart and mind, but you don’t know what it is exactly? I kinda feel like I’m hanging mid-air or something, balancing myself on a thin and narrow pole…


Mum, Dad, and I...
Mum, Me and Dad. Love you both. 


Girls from my ex-college
The ladies…

I finally graduated from my diploma course. Couple of months ago I was so convinced I’m not going to pass, cuz of the stupid difficult Accounts subjects I had to resit. But God was gracious and yes He did blessed me indeed man, some of my friends can tell how I’m so sure that I was going to fail. But yep, I passed, convocation is over, and I’m ready for the next phase in my life.


The Fire Up conference came and went away a long long time ago. But to me, it felt like it was only yesterday. It was still so fresh in my head, the memories and the things that happened during the conference are still very much occupying my ‘current memory’ side of my brain. I truly thank God for the opportunity for me to serve Him through music ministry. And yes, for some of you who didn’t know, my confidence in both myself and the ministry that God has called me into was shattered into bits and pieces. The words still rings in my ear from time to time. “You’re destroying the band rather than helping them”. Never in my life I thought I was capable of doing that, but at that time I believed in it, and I almost, really almost, wanted to call the worship leaders for the Fire Up conference, to tell them that I don’t want to be a part in the team, as I don’t want to degrade the band and God’s effectiveness.


Sleeping while playing the guitar...zzz...zzz
How could I be thankful enough to you, God Almighty? 

I was afraid, I was lost in my cloud of darkness and confusion. I was afraid to even hold my guitar again at that time. But God, yes, you are a truly amazing God. You alone kept me and comforted me throughout the entire time, restoring my confidence again. I could not thank you more, God…


O-k, so that’s old news. What have I been up to lately? Nothing much really. Attended the Influence concert last Friday. Australian band In-tone was the guest band for the concert/conference.


In-Tone in action
In-tone. Definitely they are.

They rocked man! I’m not too sure of what others think, but I dig their music! Check their promo video out.


I’ve also found this funny videos on Herman Li. (click here to find out more about him)



This first video is him making some really funny noises and sounds from video games, man, I suggest you check out the ‘Elephant Noise’… hillarious! Check out his Brit-Asian accent as well, very funny. I thought to myself, “Hey, I must make a spoof out of this man! The effects are not that hard to do…” ……… and I found this!



I laughed my heart out…


Anyways, some other news… yes, I got myself a new mistress! The first being my car, second my laptop, third my guitar, fourth is my Vox multi-fx pedal, and now I welcome… the Digitech Whammy XP-100!


My 5th mistress...
Digitech Whammy XP-100

I posted about my Santa wishes not too long ago, and not bad, not bad. I’ve got my MacBook, and now I’ve got the Whammy! Yay, now I can do some crazy effects and solos with it… hmm, I wonder whether my Grammy award will come soon…

Sigh, got some things to complete. Gotta write out a script and a plot for my church’s anniversary dinner, and yes, I definitely need help, cuz I’m a horrible script writer! Argh!!!


Well, that’s it for the time being. Before I go, let me leave you with this picture…
Gothic look from Adeline...
Look into my eyes and tremble with fear… 

Does that scare you? Cuz it scares me! Argh!!! Yes, let that be a reminder to you, leave your comments before you leave, or else, Miss Gothic Adeline will rip you apart and drink your blood and smother her face with your organs and your intestines dwangling out of your stomach!*

* at point of writing, the author had gone insane and thus, he went straight to bed for his recuperation


One Response to “The Joy, The Pain and The Things Stucked Between It”

  1. The_YongGrand Says:

    COngrats – you have just graduated. At least you have some more space for yourself, between life and work. But be prepared that in working life, there’s no room for small mistakes. 🙂

    Me? Still stuck in Engineering course, but enjoyed the studies. 🙂

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