Happy Birthday Sze May and Amanda Quah!

Just wanna dedicate this post on my blog to these two friends of mine…

Dear Sze May,

So many wonderful memories and times I had with you as your “Ah Kor”, or older brother. As I’m typing this, I’m sipping down a cup of hot honey concoction, reminiscing about the days when we chatted on the phone, talking over your problems for hours on you-know-who and you-know-what. Things have changed, for the better, now that you have survived the trials and tribulations before this. There’s always something that I’ve always wanted to tell you, and that is I’m proud and honored to have you as my friend. Cheers to this wonderful friend of mine, Koo Sze May! (ps: I’m not exposing your age here, so that everyone would not know that you’ve just turned 21 actually. Huh? Oops, I just did, right? haha…)

Dear Amanda,

Sigh, this poor girl, can’t accept the fact that she’s no longer a ‘-teen’ anymore ( seven’teen’, eight’teen’, nine’teen’). The big TWO ZERO is indeed in your life now, haha. All I can say is, welcome to the family! Known you since like… 3 years ago in HUGE camp, Malacca. Always known for her eccentric hair styles, from the first time I met her, she had like… 60’s or 70’s-or-whenever Farah Fawcett like hairstyle (if you dunno how Farah Fawcett looks like, clickie here, and now she’s having this, multiple colored hair, I dunno what you would call that not blonde-not brown-not red-not anything color. But…whatever makes you happy la ok? And yes, happy birthday to you as well, may our friendship continue to stand through the practices-for-various-concerts-and-conferences and M&M cafe sessions.

To my two feline female friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!


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