Fire Up Conference, Part 2: On Location and The Happenings.

Yes, after practicing, countless fast food meals, and a nervous set of heart and feet, this is the end result of Fire Up…


I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time, so tired of typing two posts back to back. Like the saying, “A picture portrays a thousand words”…


(note: Pictures are from the first night, 6th of July. Anybody who has the pictures for the second night please let me know, I would like to have it, thank you)


Mass cam-whoring before the conference. From left, Jennifer, Kam Fai, Amanda, Prakash, Terry, myself, Lionel and Kevan.


Prakash yelling “Hey guys look at that hot chick there!” and Kevan going “Oh gosh, I forgot to wear my pair of lucky underwears…” :p


Canaan dudes and dudettes. Before the show.


Prakash and Jon holding hands… a rare moment indeed…


Rocking the joint! Nah, more like, pretending to rock the joint…


Rocking the place. An unforgettable moment…


Pastor Michael Rowan. A pastor/comedian, I believe many would agree…


Post conference. Angela giggling, Annie molesting my guitar and Prakash gone cuckoo.


The funnies:
Me falling asleep while playing… Angela laughs away hysterically as I go “take, take, take it ZZZ…ZZZ…”


If you look closely, all the GIRLS have the same hair color. Haha, is it a trend to follow same hair color nowadays?


Kam Fai doing what he does best…


Thanks for spending your time viewing this. All in all, Fire Up was excellent. Ok, gonna sleep now. REALLY tired and sleepy. And yes, tomorrow I will be going to GTPJ, AGAIN! ARGH!!!










I’ve gone nuts… Lord, help me to stay sane…


One Response to “Fire Up Conference, Part 2: On Location and The Happenings.”

  1. asmoothstone Says:

    This is so weird because I just stumbled upon your blog. I was searching for images of Pastor Michael Brown (my father) and then I saw one of Pastor Mike Rowan. So I checked it out. I am a member of Covenant church in Carrollton, TX where he is a singles minister. I’m not single, I’m married. But this guy really IS a comedian. He’s so hilarious my hubby and I go to Wednesday night service just to see him preach! We’re going tonight as a matter of fact! He’s awesome. Your blog is cool too, btw. đŸ˜‰

    ~ Chelsie

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