Fire Up Conference, Part 1: Behind the Scenes and Two Cents

I have to separate my post on the recent Fire Up conference into two parts, cuz I seriously think it’ll be a loooooong post and you’ll be pretty bored by the time you got to about 50% of it.


So what is Fire Up? What’s the hype about it? Well, if you’ve been living under a coconut shell, or not knowing about the most happening youth gathering of the year, it is this: IT IS THE MOST HAPPENING YOUTH GATHERING OF THE YEAR! Yep, you missed it if you’ve heard about it the first time, it was a great youth conference held at Glad Tidings PJ (GTPJ), on the 6th and 7th of July (7-7-07, what an auspicious date), and was a combined first time collaboration between GTPJ, Youth Alive Malaysia (YAM) and Full Gospel Assembly KL (FGA). The event featured Pastor Michael Rowan, from Texas, America, as well as a mixed up rojak worship band from GTPJ, FGA, Hosanna Praise, Revival Center, and lastly, Canaan church. The event itself had an attendance of about 500 visitors of all ages from each night alone.


And here’s my two cents of it:


IT WAS THE MOST HAPPENING YOUTH EVENT OF THE YEAR! Ok, yeah, I know I repeated myself one too many times. For the past month before this conference, I’ve been going to GTPJ on Sunday noons after my church’s service and had my lunch at their M&M’s cafe for the past one and a half month, with my fellow machas Prakash and Marcus. Happening right? Well, I was supposed to attend and play guitar for the Asia Pacific Youth Alive Conference (APYAC) in Indonesia about a month back, but I had to pull out at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Yeah, that sorta explained why I’ve been to GTPJ for the last one and a half month (the practices for APYAC was at GTPJ, on Sunday noons as well, and APYAC was just 2 weeks before Fire Up).


Yes, it was about a month plus of eating the same food (chicken maryland) and enduring the same scent of durian cake at M&M’s cafe, not to mention the same routine practice (meet up, set up instruments, pray, practice, breaks and interruptions, pray, end of practice). Well, it weren’t bad or anything, in fact, I enjoyed that past month plus or so.


And so, some pictures to go along:
Terry Yeow, Da Man!
Made friends with Terry Yeow. One of the worship leaders for the conference. One funny dude, he is.


Reymond, superb bassist
Raymond. Bangra bassist, that’s what I call him. Super cool and talented dude…


Marcus and Terry's guitar equipment case
Marcus messing around with Terry’s pedalcase. So. Many. Stickies.


Takamine...Lionel's guitar...
The acoustic guitarist’s (Lionel from Revival) guitar. Takamine. Enough said. PLUS: He got it for free. T.T


Terry's floorboard guitar equipments
Terry’s effects pedals. Wipe off your drool.


Cam-whoring during practice
Cam-whoring while practice with Annie.

And yep, I got the opportunity to work with some of the musicians around (excluding myself, I’m really way out of their league, and yes I admit it, I’m not good in guitaring). Clickie here to see who was in the band. Really, it was such a blessing to work with these guys, and just to mention it again here, a female, a lady who plays drums??! WOW!! That alone shocked the intestines outta me! And I was blown away everytime she hits and bangs those drums like no one’s business. And plus, she looks like this:


You’d be expecting some big, muscular, rough girl, to be playing drums, a so-called testosterone driven instrument. But no, she’s the exact opposite! Amazing lady, I salute you, Pastor Rose…

In fact, James from FGA was supposed to be playing drums for us, but he had to be taken off at the last minute due to stupid and useless strict university regulations (he’s having his orientation then, and he could not leave the campus during the course of it). So, Pastor Rose had to replaced him. Even our keyboardist, Darren from FGA, was a last minute replacement. Stephanie from FGA was supposed to play, but she had to pull out last minute too due to her appendix removal.

Here are some facts on the band members and the whole practice sessions that we had:

1) With James around, he would pair up with Raymond, the bassist, during those interrupted times or breaks, and they will be playing this, addictive loop of bangra beat. Hence, the name, the Bangra Bros.

2) Terry, in his emo-rock mode, would use his left foot to stomp the floor, and would utilize his entire body to spin around while playing his guitar. Amazing body and hands coordination I say…

3) I did not knew Pastor Rose was Pastor Rose until she started to warm up, by playing some drum beats. When I first saw her, I thought to myself, “Wow, FGA got their own assistants and roadies, hmm, not bad, not bad…”. I was left speechless when she started to play the drums. The words of Prakash then echo-ed in my head “You dunno ah Lam? She’s the…er~…”

And now you’ve reached the end of Part 1. Go, click on Part 2


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