T.R.S. (Totally Random Subjects; or The Rendang Shop…excuse me, I’m just hungry at the moment)



Yes folks, the Fire Up post will be put on hold for the moment, due to my laziness to write about it lack of photos, which means lack of materials and inspiration to write. I will get it done, err, sometime later… I guess. So anyways, yes, besides going to church for practices, turning up at Glad Tidings PJ every week for the past month, eating their food at M&M’s cafe, yes, I do have a LIFE! (*horror). Yeah, there are a few things happening lately yeah, but like the post title reads, it’s totally random, not in any order or some sort, so, and what better way to present it to you guys and girls, my faithful and handful of readers of my pathetic little blog, in the forms of PEEK-CHAs (term came from Amelia‘s blog)! Just wait until it loads fully…




1) Joyce’s ‘incredible’ parking skills.
Joyce's 'perfect' parking
Like how the picture would describe it itself, simply ‘amazing’ parking skills by my dear friend, Joyce Tan Yen Tyng. As you can see, more than half of her Nissan Sentra was outside of the supposedly parking spot. “Aiya, neh-mind (Ah Beng and Ah Lian’s way of pronouncing ‘Never Mind’) la! Baby~~~!!! (running with open arms towards my friend, and her boyfriend, Joshua aka ‘Baby’). However, bear in mind, if somehow next time you are able to spot a car parked like that, remember you have seen and heard of it from this blog first. It might be Joyce’s car…




2) Smack that, all on the floor (bumper), smack that…
Crushed Taxi...
Long story short, Prakash and I (see? No ‘me and Prakash’, perfect grammar…) went to 1U to get myself some clothes and stuff. Then we met up with Jackie and Joyce by accident, and we sat down with them at Good Evening Bangkok for awhile, then we head on back to our respective homes. Upon coming to the LDP toll, the whole traffic was blocked up for more than half an hour or so. Reason being, the smacked up knocked-from-behind-by-a-van taxi. And yes, in case you’re wondering why the picture is so small, it was taken with Prakash‘s Sony Ericsson camera phone. This just further strengthen my theory for Proton cars. Cheap, affordable, and totally UNRELIABLE…

3) The Brown Man, Mr. Brownie, Prakash Daniel!!!
It seems like I’ve mentioned Prakash’s name a heck load of times in my blog. Well, can’t help it… everytime I go out, he’s always there (this portion of the post is actually for when someday Prakash got famous or what, I can tell my friends about my friendship with him, “Hey, you know Prakash? Prakash D? Well, I’m his friend you know? Hehe…). And this is him, in his usual self, doing some pretty amusing things whenever he goes out…



Peeping under a woman’s skirt…



Prakash the Maria Sharapova molester
Molesting Maria Sharapova…



Prakash the hungry man
And pretending to be cute.



Prakash the merman...
This is another shot of him doing the ‘Merman’ pose. Look at that, just look at that… don’t you just wanna smack that? Huh? Don’t you? Well…. I am of course referring to his cap… what were you thinking?


Anyways, three cheers to this super cool dude. Glad to have you as a buddy, (remember me when you’re famous next time…)



4) Fried Pedal anyone?
I was at Steven’s Corner, at Pandan Indah, Cheras with my friends for a drink and a meal. All was well, until we saw this on the menu:


Fried Pedal??!

Watch closely…


Fried Pedal upclose
Imagine having a conversation with a fellow guitarist:

A: “Hey man, how’s it been?

B: “Oh, everything is ok man…”

A: (lights cigarette, and puffed the first smoke) “So, what are you up to now bro?”

B: “Err, nothing much, the usuals, practicing my guitaring, expanding my guitar collection, pedals, stuff like that…”

A: ” Oh, okay. What kinda pedals are you referring to?:

B: “The likes, distortion, phaser, flanger, wah pedal…”

A: “I just got my new pedal yesterday…”

B: “Oh really? Boss? Digitech?”

A: “Nah, it’s a FRIED PEDAL…”

Nothing can beat a FRIED PEDAL… normal pedals can give you everything else in the world but a FRIED PEDAL will give you one thing those other pedals can’t offer… A SATISFIED AND FULL STOMACH…


4 Responses to “T.R.S. (Totally Random Subjects; or The Rendang Shop…excuse me, I’m just hungry at the moment)”

  1. 😉 the coolest and latest. A must have for all guitarists eh?

    the Maestro’s Fried Pedal, for that sexy sizzling tone you can’t find in distortion….


  2. Haha, yeah, and it also gives you a FULL stomach as well… sorry, I’m just hungry at the moment, which reminds me, when AM i gonna start to try the Sheperd’s Pie thing…

  3. Haha. The car picture was hilarious. So true to the female stereotype.

  4. I can just imagine if all female car drivers parked their cars like this every single time, man, how jammed up the traffic would be, just because of inconsiderate parking. The picture is just one example, not so terrible one, I’ve seen worst cases before…

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