Fire Up Conference; Pre-Part 1…

Yes folks, Fire Up came last Friday and Saturday, and left. And boy oh boy, was it a great event! My prayers were answered through this conference, I was blessed, and I believe many people too had their prayers answered, rededicated their lives to Jesus, and were blessed by this event. To those of you who didn’t make it, sorry to say, you missed it all. Hopefully there will be a DVD or VCD release, I’ll definitely get it if it comes out.

Michael Rowan was amazing. He’s really a pastor/comedian. Every single moment with him speaking were never dull, it was lively, full of dynamics, and of course, hilarious! But the most amazing thing is that he was able to switch between being funnyman to serious talk mode. I believe most people on that two nights, if not all of the crowd, had been blessed by God through this man. I really hoped he could be here longer… but yeah do check out his site at this link.

And I also would like to thank the band members for such an incredible experience serving alongside all of them. From Full Gospel Assembly (FGA)= Terry, amazing vocalist and guitarist. Raymond, bangra superb bassist. Pastor ROSE!!! Female drummer, need I say more? Darren, cekap keyboardist, respect man. From Glad Tidings PJ(GT)= John Koo, great worship leader. Such a blessing to work with him. Amanda Quah, wonderful singer. Sui Yen, fantastic singer. From Canaan Church= Prakash, my homie, my buddy, haha, a man with so many talents. Annie, great singer. Angela, great singer too! From Revival Center= Kevan, ‘working’ adult keyboardist, but a super fantastic one. Kam Fai, a man with a big heart and big vocals. And finally from Hosanna Praise= Jennifer, queen or ‘respect-ness’, great worshipper and singer.

Thanks to all who helped, and yes, this is just the pre-post for Fire Up, so, next post will come real soon with pics and some behind the scenes pics! See ya!


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