7 hours more…

It’s 7 hours before the show now. Gonna keep myself as relaxed as possible. Trying to keep my fear of crowd thing away from my head…and also the fear of being a stumbling block for God ‘s power to move… Well, I guess this is it yeah. All the preparations and things like that, for this event tonight…  Let’s get prepared once again:

1) Nervous heart/shaky legs…checked

2) Memorizing guitar parts and effects patches…checked

3) Being an over-worrying freak for these past few days…checked

4) Posting blog entries about my nervousness before the event…checked

5) Praying and fasting for the event…checked

6) Feeling excited and hyped up for it…checked


7) Faith that God will move strongly and greatly tonight…….checked

Ok God, take centrestage tonight. It’s all yours…


5 Responses to “7 hours more…”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    God will work miraculously tonight.Have faith~

  2. hey lam! fire up went totally awesome.. thanks for allowing God to use your talents for his glory. i was blessed by the worship!

  3. Hey Phoebe! Yeah, Fire Up was great huh? Michael Rowan was great too, I mean, yeah God really did move greatly for this conference. You have pictures of the event? Can give me?

  4. unfortunately, no. i was so into it, i forgot to take any! i have some pictures but they’re everything to do with my youth group that came down with me for the conference. sorry man. will make it a point to take more pictures next time around.

  5. Nah, it’s ok Phoebe. Glad you were immersed into the whole thing rather than snapping photos actually. I have friends which took some shots as well, will post it here, or if you want the whole set, I can email it to you later in the future.

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