One More Day To Go…

Am I nervous right now?Am I scared?Am I afraid that of people telling me what a bad job I’ve done aka afraid of REJECTION?!Maybe I am… sigh, one more day to go… and I’m feeling… not okay, but still fine at the same time. Of course, I’m talking about, the coming Fire Up Conference tomorrow and Saturday night, 6th and 7th July respectively. Yes I am feeling butterflies in my stomach right now, however, I’m glad it has not turned into vultures or big-a** flying monsters yet. I’ve no doubt that God will move and work His power during this conference, my only fear is on myself, not able to be a vessel for God but instead be a hindrance to it. How am I able to do so? I dunno… it’s just a fear in my heart…One more day to go… 


2 Responses to “One More Day To Go…”

  1. jonathanso Says:

    Dun wori dude, just trust in the Lord and he’ll do the rest!

    You’ll do well I know.

  2. ~*MaNda*~ Says:

    Don’t worry so much laaaa..u’re playing for God,NOT for man.Even there’s hiccups,so what?

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