The most unusual thing(s) happened!

I was dead tired when I finally reached home at around 8pm, after Sunday morning’s church service, music practice for the Fire Up conference (some of my church members pronounced it as ‘Flare Up’…”Eh Lam, you going for Flare Up ah?”), and after that I had dinner at Murni SS2 with Prakash, Jennifer and Marcus. This is how my meal looks like:

Nasi Goreng Maryland from SS2

Yum yum…


Ok, so yeah, I went home, and I chatted with some of my friends until like, 10pm, and after that I just crashed on my bed, like how a Boeing 747 would have crashed landed if they…crash-land. Anyways, I slept, and slept, and I woke up at…6am sharp. It wasn’t like the I’m still sleepy and lazy kinda wake-up, but it’s like, eyes open and ready to go kind of wake-up. So I did the most unthinkable thing ever…I went jogging at the track near my house. It was very cooling and breezy, and very quiet, with some dogs barking occasionally. Armed with my iPod shuffle, I went for it…..only to return back after 20 minutes later. It must have been my empty stomach every since the consumption of the delicious Nasi Goreng Maryland. I had stomach cramps and stuff like that, and I had no water, so I just headed back home. But it was all good, even though it was for 20 minutes.




After watching some stuff on my computer and after sending my mum to the train station, I went home and I found a delicious packet of nasi lemak, with rendang chicken in it! And I saw a little note there, “Tseng, nasi lemak for you”. It was from my dad. ARGH!!! How lah, eat or don’t eat? If I eat, my jogging session would be meaningless. If I don’t, my dad’s care for me, in the form of nasi lemak, would have been thrown away.





and finally I ate it. I guess I would have to jog more tomorrow morning, haha…


And yeah, I found this thing living inside my dad’s shoe, I captured and released it almost immediately, I wanted to show this to my dad actually, but I guess it would suffice if I take some pictures of it instead.



Yes, in case you’re wondering what it is, it is a lizard. Not a typical lizard, this one is…huge. It’s like at least…5 centimeters long. But I’ve released it…not back to my dad’s shoe, but out to the wilds…the mango tree outside my house.


Sigh…what a great way to start off your day…


2 Responses to “The most unusual thing(s) happened!”

  1. That’s one very very very VERY ugly lizard. I hate lizards with passion. Hate em’ hate em’ hate em’. Squiggly squirmy cold blooded tail detacher. Kill them all. WAHAHHAHAHHAHA!

  2. Steven Wong Says:


    After the delicious nasi lemak, got go jogging or not?

    Might not be a good idea, jogging. Heavy impact on the knees and ankles. Serious.

    Swimming would be safer (from injuries). Can tone up those muscles too (or fats).


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