To respond to tags or not to…

You see, I don’t know which smart dude/dudette created this whole TAG thingy. I really wanna find out who did it or started the whole tagging culture. Almost every blog that I’ve been to, there will definitely be this tagging thing going on. Yeah, ok, so I’ve fell for it’s irresistible and unavoidable charms.

So will I respond to this tag by Amanda? Well…no harm trying…though at the risk of being laughed at and being mocked at, I will….give it a shot nonetheless:

1. Colour of most of clothes I own: Black.

2. Number of pillows I sleep with: One. How many do you really need?

3. Where are you right now?: In my room. Lights are on. Not romantic at all.

4. What were you doing at 12am last night?: Not sure. Maybe onlining.

5. How old will you be in 10 years?: Err, 31….yeah, real old by then..

6. What do you think you’ll be doing in 15 years from now? Err…let’s leave that next time, but I really wanna serve the Lord through music ministry. Hopefully I can still do so by then…

7. Do you have braces?: Nope. God blessed me with a perfect set of dentures…

8. Are you paranoid?: Err, I don’t think so…only in extreme cases I tend to be a little…emotional…

9. Describe your wallet: Do not judge a book by it’s cover…haha…

10. Your alarm clock?: Part of my life. Cuz I always tend to oversleep…

11. Your hair?: Imagine a lion’s mane…

12. Toothbrush: Like traffic police. Only useful when it is needed.

13. What color are your eyes?: Dark brown I guess…would love it to be red though…haha…

14. Unforgettable enemy?: None that I remember off…Amanda maybe? Haha…

15. First play/musical/performance?: Last week Sunday in my church…and every Sunday to come…

16. Last movie seen in cinema?: Fantastic Four 2. Not bad. But quite cheesy…

17. Last person you yelled at?: My dad, cuz he ruined my slippers this morning…

18. Last crush: Haha…very recent…hint, ‘Ganbaru!!’ Haha, but crushes are crushes…they come and go

19. Last shoes worn: Same old black color shoes…so faithful…

20. Last ice-cream eaten:Baskin robbins. Some weird looking ice-cream…but nice…

21. Last word written by hand: My signature.

22. Last time you wanted to die: Erm…when I crashed my dad’s car last year…

23. When was the last time you went out at night?: Just now. Til 2am.

24. What was the last song you heard?: Aww this is so ironic, but it was Spice Girl’s Mama. My iTunes was in shuffle mode…

25. What is about the opposite sex?: WHAT?!

26. What do you want to do now?: End this tag thing…

27. What’s the first thing you ate this morning?: It was lunch. And I ate chee cheong fun.

28. What’s the one song you never get over?: Knights Of Cydonia by Muse.

29. Fav day of the week: Friday. Do I need to explain why??!

30. Who’s your favorite idol at the moment?: God always. But in the human world…RISA NIIGAKI!! GANBARU!!

And I’m not gonna tag anyone. Ok, i’m prepared for all the criticism now…ARGH!!


10 Responses to “To respond to tags or not to…”

  1. ~*MaNda*~ Says:


    I’m honoured that u put me as ur enemy.haha.That is how great my impact to u.blek.

  2. You’ve always been a friend to me la Amanda…haha, ok lor, so u tagged me back. Fair and square? Haha…I guess ur labeling me as your enemy now huh…

  3. *chuckles* still being tagged, lam?? hahaha enjoyed the humor. kudos to a great read! why don’t you share a favorite dish also? not fond of cooking but i’m particularly fond of pies and other simple recipes. Nothing beats Shepherd’s Pie!!!

  4. Yeah, still being tagged…haha, dun really respond to tags, but yeah, sometimes on weird occasions I do…I might try my hand on the Shepherd’s Pie soon, thanks for the recipe! O yeah, if you wana find some nice food to eat, go read the Some Random Things post. Got some nice place to eat laksa, banana leaf rice and the likes. Do you know of anywhere to eat great food?

  5. haha.. another tag.. non stop la all of this tagging.. sorry i didn’t respond to your previous one, I’m just not into all of this..

  6. You mean you are not into all the suicide thing? Haha…yeah, it’s very disturbing…but then again, more and more people are embracing it. Why is that so?

    Yeah I’ve been tagged a lot of times before this, just that I dunno why am I responding to it now. Anyways, anyone wants to be tagged?

  7. Lam, hey! i don’t really get to wander around on my own so much, especially to find food. but i do know where you can get a whole directory of awesome malaysian food though! hahha laugh now. but this is Serious stuff. Got search engine all wei.

    Lemme know the turn out of your shepherd’s pie!

  8. I’m leaving a comment and praying that is shows.

  9. oh yay it does!!!! x) x) x)

    HI LAMMMMMM!!! I’ve been attempting to comment since forever!!!! That’s why I’m so excited now cos’ my comment showed up! Yeay! I don’t feel like an outcast anymore!!! Woohooo!

    Anyway tags are good for nothing until you’re bored outta your wits, then they’re good for something. Eh. Add me on msn

    Should go one step further with this keeping in touch thingy.

  10. HI AMELIA!!! No you will never be an outcast, not here not anywhere else. Thanks for your effort in this keeping in touch thing, really, I mean, we are all soaked up with our chores and things like that. I met Pui Yee that day at the ‘tong shui’ stall at Kepong, so glad to see her, though we got ntg to say to each other cuz have to break the ice first.

    Yeah, tags are clumbersome actually. I still get it til today. Nah, dun think I’ll reply to tags for now…

    Anyways, take care and I hope to meet you up soon. Cheers, God bless.

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