“Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life”

And yet some would just throw away their valuable life, pretend for that moment that suicide is the answer, and it is indeed for that short moment because suicide is lightning fast. Why some of us could not understand and accept that God’s greatest gifts to us are His love for us and the life, the very soul and mind that He gave us since we were out of our mother’s womb? Funny how sometimes, there are people around us who would rather give up living rather than trying to make the best out of it. Some tried too hard to achieve happiness, and suicide seems like the perfect answer to those who could not fulfill that goal.

I read Jessica’s blog just now. Go read it. It’s thought provoking. It’s surreal. It’s funny. Not in terms of humor kind of funny. You see, life is about trying to make the best out of it. We don’t have a manual or a guide to excel in life. We all strive, we all try our very best, and some will succeed in finding happiness. Some will not. That’s life. You crawl up again from your fall and try again. But some, I’m just so sorry to say this, but some cowards out there preferred to stay down, some chose to remove their very existence, throwing back to God that precious gift of life back at His face. Not only are these people cowards, but they are such selfish beings. The people that will get hurt in the process. The emptiness that will grow over their loved one’s. All the pain and all the misery felt by those around. Do you really think it is worth the slash on your wrist? Do you really think it is worth the fall from that building or apartment? Do you really think it is worth overdosing yourself with chemicals and pills?

Happiness is not a choice (sorry Prakash…). All of us want happiness. Who wouldn’t want it? Who, since birth, desired to live a miserable and painful life? If it is indeed a choice, it would be a lopsided decision. Can someone logically choose not to have happiness? It would be funny if there were such people.

If suicide can determine everything, a lot of us would have died a long time ago. A lot of us would have chose this one-way ticket to hell than to make a change out of our terrible situations. But still, some would rather kick it off rather than giving themselves another opportunity to stand up once again. I like this particular stanza of which I’ve forgotten where I got it from, “To fall is one’s greatest regret, but the greatest glory comes when one rises from their own fall”. I’m not a fan of all this literature stuff, but it works for me.

You know what is a choice? Overcoming your own shortcomings is a choice. You can choose to stand up, dust off yourself, and walk again, or…you can just stay there. And that’s what most of us would do. It’s so tempting to stay fallen isn’t it? It is as if there are some sweet incentives to it. And I’m not talking as if I had never been down before. But what am I supposed to do then? Kill myself?

I know some would think that there’s more to see and experience for this 20 year old guy. Like the Chinese saying, “I’ve consumed more salt than you have consumed more rice”. I know I’m young, yes there are things in this world that I’ve yet to understand and see. But one thing I do know. SUICIDE IS NOT A METHOD OF LIVING. Happiness is. And whatever crap that we each one of us might face at some point of our lives, there is a silver lining in every cloud, and there is something that we can do about it other than taking away our own life. May God bless every person reading this, and no this is not a forwarded email or message. Spread the word, spread the message. Bring about a difference, for your own or for someone else.

OK now you must send this to 10 people within the next 20 minutes, or else, Happiness will no longer be with you.

Ok I’m just kidding. Live life to the fullest, dudes and dudettes…


4 Responses to ““Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life””

  1. Wow, that is one long ass rant man haha. But yeah, I fear we may becoming like Singapore or Japan. I guess, when one lives a modern life without God as the focus, one loses touch with all the good that is around him. The little blessings that God bestows upon us everyday. I once contemplated suicide, but am glad that I had friends who “knocked some sense into me” haha.

  2. Yeah, it was a long rant, after looking back at it…but yeah, I guess in the modern society now, things have changed, no longer are we satisfied with small little things in our lives…everyone is going after the ‘big’ things, ‘big’ achievements, ‘big’ happiness…when we can actually cherish and enjoy those small little things that God provided for us.

    And you Marcus, suicide? Haha…Why? After your character died in RO is it? Haha…

  3. test.. test…. 123…1..2…3…… harlo

  4. […] took me back to what I’ve encountered, and had expressed a few blog posts ago(link). What in the world happened for Chris? Why resort to suicide? Why the selfishness, of robbing away […]

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