Goodbye Friends

This past two weeks had been somewhat a…very mixed up bunch of emotions for me, like…eating ‘chap fan’ or economy rice…err, anyways, yeah, in these two weeks, there were times when I felt sad, some moments which left me speechless, a time when I fell in love, and of course, times which made me felt great and happy! All these…I shall post it later…

With those said, let me dedicate this section to my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Ian, Susie, Winnie and Chee Yong. They left us for greener pastures in UK last week. They had completed their advanced diploma studies and are currently at UK for their degree summer program. Ian, Susie and Winnie are at Liverpool, while Chee Yong is at Sheffield. Well, they won’t be gone for very long, but their presence will be missed for sure. Take care guys! Some pics from KLIA while sending them off…

Me and Ian

Ian Yee. Great leader and musician, at the same time, my great buddy.

Me and Susie

Susie. Ian’s girlfriend. Known for her ability to slap her own face and hearing the wrong words all the time. But still, love her to bits.

Me and Winnie

Winnie. No words needed. As cute as…err…Winnie The Pooh. Great friend. Will definitely miss you…

Terry Hew Da Man...

Chee Yong. Aka Big Show. Die-hard Man U fan. Somewhat like a big bro to me. Take care man.





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