Yes if you come from Prakash’s blog, yeah the title is the same, no I don’t mean to copy him, just that, after reading his one-sentence post, I realized that I’m missing something in my life too…

You see for the past year or so, what was a disaster for me then turned into a real blessing, as I set my foot in Tunku Abdul Rahman College to further my studies. What I thought to be a bunch of classmates whom I really can’t get along with turned out to be the best classmates I ever had so far. And yeah, for the past year or so, we really bonded really well, both as friends and as coursemates…

DBM II, Class of 2006/07

Some pictures…:

Girls in Black

Ladies in Black

Girls on white...

Ladies in white (except for May [far right], she’s color blind…)

My beloved group 1...
Group Uno of DBM II

Guys from group 1, bunch of posers

Guys from Group Uno, bunch of posers…


Boon, See Wei, Carene and Max


Group Dos guys…



Sadly, some of us couldn’t make it to the next phase, to the advanced diploma course. However, life goes on, and for myself, as long as this heart of mine beats, there will still be a place and value for these friends of mine. Best of luck in whatever you guys do (if I would never see you again), and thanks for all the memories. Viva forever…


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